Patrons using a Benton Public Library card (LINK TO LIBRARY CARD PAGE) or an SWLS member library card agree:

  1. To abide by all library policies
  2. To pay all overdue fines for materials charged to the card
  3. To pay for any lost of damaged materials charged to the card
  4. To assume full responsibility for items charged to the card when the patron has allowed another individual to use the card
  5. To assume full responsibility for items the patron has checked out and has knowingly or unknowingly allowed someone else to use.
  6. To assume full responsibility for times charged to the card when the card has been lost or stolen and the patron has failed to notify the library
  7. To report promptly lost of stolen cards
  8. To report promptly a change of address or phone number


Requested library materials will be held for up to one week (7 days). If the patron has not picked up the “on-hold” item within the seven-day period, it may be checked out to another patron (or returned to the lending library if it is an interlibrary loan).


Due to increasing cost of mailing services, no overdue notices are mailed to patrons. Patrons providing an email address may opt to recieve overdue notices generated through Southwest Wisconsin Library System’s automated service. The absence of an overdue notices does not alter the borrower’s responsibility for an item.

Materials not returned within 90 days of the final due date are considered “lost,” and the cost of replacement of the materials will be the responsibility of the patron. A service fee for processing, cataloging, and postage may also be charged. Should the lost item be found at a later date, it may not be returned for a refund.


If a patron is billed for damaged, lost, or unreturned Library materials, payment of those charges must be made within 30 days of billing. Failure to pay will result in the patron being in violation of WIsconsin State Statut 943.61 (Theft of Library Material), and the Librarian may turn the matter over to the Benton Police Department.


Patrons must be 18 or older to check out items rated R or MA (mature audience) unless permission is given by the parent/guardian. With the exception of items rated R or MA, anyone of any age whose account is in Good Standing may check out any item available for check-out from this Library. Parent/Guardians are responsible for determining which materials are appropriate or not appropriate for their children.


Sign in before using a Library computer.
Printing costs 5¢ for Black and White / 10¢ for Color
Time limit of 30 minutes per day. Library staff reserves the right to limit or extend computer use and/or wireless services.
User MAY NOT turn the computers on or off, change computer settings, or save anything to the computers.

Failure to follow the Library policies may result in loss of computer use and/or wireless acces for thirty (30) days for the first offense and six (6) months for the second offense.