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Starting Monday, May 24

In-Person Browsing by Appointment

Open ForNumber Allowed in LibraryTime LimitationsMasks
– browse by appt.
-computers (2 available)
5 patrons TOTAL30 minutesMasks not required, but recommended
Curbside onlyin-person use unavailable at this time
browse by appt.
(2 available)
5 patrons TOTAL30 minutesMasks not required, but recommended
Curbside onlyin-person use unavailable at this time
– browse by appt.
(2 available)
5 patrons TOTAL30 minutesMasks not required, but recommended
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Browsing by Appointment

How In-Person Browsing by Appointment Works

  • All rules are subject to change with new CDC recommendations.
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays
    • Call to schedule a 30 minute appointment: 608-759-2665
    • Walk-ins are allowed
  • Library capacity is limited to 5 patrons
    • If capacity is reached, we will ask patrons to wait outside
  • Currently – Masks are not required, but recommended.
    • Staff are not required to wear masks
  • Youth under 10 must be with a responsible adult
    • Most often – we ask parents/guardians to bring 2 children in to help pick out books
  • Browse books
  • Computer (2 available) and printer access
    • Sessions are limited to 30 minutes for all patrons
  • Book drop open 24/7
    • We are not accepting book donations at this time.
  • All books will be quarantined for 24 hours after checked in
  • For any additional questions, please contact us during open library hours: 608-759-2665

Curbside Pickup

How curbside pickup works

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are Curbside Service ONLY days. The library will be closed to the public during those days.
  • Curbside service is also available on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday during In-Person days.
    • This way patrons who do not wish for In-Person service can still pick up their items.
  • Request Benton items through our online card catalog, call during library hours, or email.
  • Library staff will find your items and get them ready for pickup.
  • Be on the lookout for an email, text, or call from Library staff letting you know that your holds are ready.
  • Your library items will be
    • checked out
    • bagged
    • labeled with the first 3 letters of patron’s last name
  • Pickups will be ready on a green cart near the library front door
  • Pickup items will be ready for pickup within 30 minutes before scheduled pickup time
  • Enjoy your items!
  • Please note: Currently, patrons can order items statewide. Please understand that restrictions to items can change at any time.

Requesting items

  • Request Benton items through our catalog at the Benton Public Library Card Catalog / Verso
  • Request Benton items by calling 608-759-2665 during curbside service hours
  • Request Benton items through email –

    Van Delivery – Our regular delivery service is available in SWLS and statewide. Please understand that some items might not be available due to different restrictions across the state. Request items by calling or emailing.

Get help requesting items

  • Don’t know how to place holds? Look at our Card Catalog TUTORIAL
  • Don’t know the PIN for your account? It’s most likely set to the last four digits of your phone number.
  • Not able to place your own holds? Call us at 608-759-2665 and we can place holds for you. We’re available during curbside service hours.

Wireless printing

You can now send a file to our printer and arrange to pick it up using our curbside service.
You must call or email our staff to let them know when you would like the file printed and picked up.

Documents not picked up within a week of scheduled pickup time will be deleted and thrown out.
Call during curbside hours: 608-759-2665

¢ PER PAGE for Black & White
20¢ PER PAGE for Color

Safety considerations

  • If you or any members of your household are experiencing a fever, cough, or any COVID-19 symptoms, please notify staff to reschedule book pickup.
  • Currently – Masks are not required, but recommended.
    • Masks will be provided at the front desk.
    • Gloves will be provided at the front desk.
    • Disinfectant wipes will be provided at the front desk
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the front door.
  • We are using CDC recommendations as we process your requests, including handwashing, masks, and social distancing.
  • Social distancing is recommended
  • Curbside service items will be placed in paper or plastic bags. If you would like to bring a reusable bag, please do so.
  • Items will quarantine for 24 Hours before being shelved again.

Returning books and library materials

  • The outside dropbox is open for returns 24/7.
  • If you need to return kits, puzzles, board games, or other items that won’t fit in the dropbox, please call the library to drop off items during library hours.
  • Your returned items might still be on your account for at least 72 hours while we leave them in quarantine before checking them in.
  • There will be no fines on checked out items. Items will not need to be renewed.


  • All Books and Audiobooks – 2 Weeks
  • Magazines – 1 week
  • Movies and TV Seasons – 1 week
  • Puzzles and Board games – 2 Weeks

Have a question?
Call us at 608-759-2665
Monday: 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Thursday: 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Sunday: CLOSED
or email us at

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