Tutorial – How to use Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers

This is a quick and helpful video on the basics of searching the newspapers. It’s instructions are for “2005 to 90 days ago” newspapers, but the instructions are helpful for searching all available newspapers. Remember to search the Historical Newspapers if you wish to look at dates before 2004.

Example of how to conduct a search in the Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers

Search for specific words, names, and dates with this website. Using the search function will search every page from all of the available newspapers for those keywords.

Here is an example of how to conduct a search for the Benton newspapers and how to download or print from the results.

  1. When searching for newspapers from the 1800s and 1900s, in the upper right corner select Search Historical Newspapers.
    • Indication of current searchable newspapers is listed in the top left corner detailed “You are searching historical newspapers”

2. Enter desired search item in Search Terms bar – search for names, words, and dates.

3. Enter “Benton” into search bar on right hand side – this will limit the search to only Benton Mining Times and Benton Advocate.

4. If you would like to limit which dates are searched, select Range for a list of possible ways to search. After making a range selection, Click on generic date listed under range to bring up a calendar for entering desired date.

5. Once ready to find results, Click on Search in bottom right corner.
The results will show under the search bar functions. If you would like to search for other terms, scroll back to the top of the page above your search results.
Search results will only load the first 1000 results. The website will notify you if the search term was to broad.

Right side will load the first 10 results. Remember you can hover over the image on the right side to let the preview show up on the left side.


  • Zoom – use zoom bar to easily make the image larger or smaller.
    – click the preview image to also automatically zoom in and drag around image.
  • On top of the preview image, it will indicate which page you are currently looking at for that issue of the newspaper. If you would like to look at other pages from the issue, you can use this drop down selection to look at other pages.


  • Keyword results will be listed next to the image in blue highlighted text. If you click on the blue highlighted text, then the left hand preview will zoom in and highlight the keyword you searched for.
  • Download the full page with the red Adobe symbol next to image.

If you would like to clip out an article to save or print
(or to save full pages from current issue in preview image)

  1. Click the print icon on the left side above the preview image.

2. This will open a print/save preview for you to highlight which article you want.
– Follow the instructions on how to clip out your selection.
– Select Download / Print to save article
– The FULL PDF selection will print/save the entire page currently previewed. This is handy if you want other pages from the current issue being viewed.
– When you print or save the article, the page will detail the date of newspaper the article is from AND if the article was reduced in size to fit the page.