Printing Tutorials

Request by Phone Call

  • Call during curbside hours 608-759-2665
  • Printing a file? – Send staff an email with file attached, and we will contact you to schedule pickup time. Email to:
  • Printing a website page? – Let us know what webpage you would like printed, and we will let you know how many pages will be printed.

Use the Papercut App to print from Laptop/Smart Phone/Tablet

  • If your device is older or can not download this app, you can use a tablet provided by the library for wireless printing. Please let us know if you require a tablet.
  • Call during curbside hours (608-759-2665)
    • the Papercut (Mobility Print) app will send secure files to the library printer
      (you must be at the library and connected to the library’s Public WIFI to send the file to the printer)
    • Once app is finished installing, select the item to be printed
    • Select one of these options for Color or B&W
      • Click Benton Public Printer Black-White – only for black and white (all pages)
      • Click Benton Public Printer Color – only for color (all pages)
    • To authenticate the print job, enter this username and password:
      • username: benton
      • password: benton
    • After this, the assistant will securely receive and print the item

Send secure files by EMAIL to library printer

  • You can send files to library printer from home to be picked up later.
  • Staff will not be able to view files until printed.
  • You must call the library within 24 hours of sending files
    • Important – Patrons can securely send document for future printing on demand via email. Data is copied to the Brother Cloud in the US for temporary storage, and then immediately deleted after printing. Please note if document is not printed within 24 hours, it will be automatically deleted.
  • NOTE: If you send a file in Color, it can only be printed in Color.
  • You must let staff know your email address – only your email address is visible on printer to staff
  • Your printed documents will be:
    • placed in bag with a receipt
    • Receipt will be labeled with your initials, pickup time/date, and amount due
  • You can pay for your documents in the money deposit box on outside cart or table

    How to send secure files to printer:
  • Attach file/s and Email printer TO:
  • NOTE: If you send a file in Color, it can only be printed in Color.
  • You’ll get a notification that your print job has been successfully sent to printer – Brother MFC-J6945DW
  • Call library after successfully sending files to library printer 608-759-2665