Card Catalog TUTORIAL

  1. Go to Benton Public Library’s SWLS Card Catalog.
    **Make sure it says Benton Public Library on the top left
  2. Click Log In.
  3. Use your Library Card Number and Password to get access
    ** Make sure it says Benton Public Library on Library Selection drop down bar
  4. Search for your items
  5. Results will come up and then select an item to view its full records
  6. Next to Details in the middle section, click Where To Find It
  7. Check Availability and then selectcard_tutorial_19
    • green means Available
    • yellow means Checked Out
    • red means Reserve in Checkout or In Transit
  8. Once you’ve found item, click Place Hold.
  9. You can now Reserve a Title.
    • Make sure pickup is Benton Public Library
    • Reserve Any Item is automatically check marked.
    • To select a certain copy, deselect Reserve Any Item and select an Available copy.
  10. Click Reserve to end transaction.
  11. To check your Items on Hold, go to My Account.
  12. Click Items on Hold to view current items and if they are In Transit or Reserved for Checkout.